September 21, 2018


Voice of Recovery Award


The cut off has passed. The Nominations are in. 


Come to the Mental Health Awareness Event on October 20th to find out who has been chosen for this year's award!

September 17, 2018 


Voice of Recovery Award



Every year, the Mental Health Awareness Event Committee seeks nominations for the “Voice of Recovery Award”.   This award was established in 2011 in memory of Jenny Bates.  The committee is looking for individuals or agencies who exhibit these characteristics: Honesty/ Respect; Collaboration/Teamwork; and Advocacy.   Candidates can be consumers, providers, family members and or agencies who promote and facilitate Mental Health Recovery.  Award presentation will occur at the 13thAnnual Mental Health Awareness Event Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at the Ferlazzo building.   


The cutoff date for nomination submissions will be Thursday, September 20, 2018.


To nominate someone, please submit the name and a brief description, as to why you believe they should receive the award.



September 10, 2018


We are in full swing getting ready for the 2018 Mental Health Awareness Event! 


We have some exciting new interactive stations and have brought back some favorites. Many new organizations will be represented. There will also be a wide variety of consumer artwork for sale.


The keynote speaker for the formal portion of the program is Kelly Davis, an engaging presenter with an inspiring story.


September 11, 2017


We've got an exciting line-up of stations, service vendors, artists and keynote speaker. Come join us!


August 5, 2016


MHAE 2016


Our theme for this year is Relax & Recharge!


The committee is busy once again planning our 11th Annual Mental Health Awareness Event.  We have a great mix of veterans and new people this year on the committee.  This group is doing great and had our theme picked out on our very first meeting!


Our format will be similar to recent years, with Relaxation Stations, consumer vendors & a formal event.  This year we are including service vendors with Relaxation Stations.  We took a break from it for a couple of years and now they will be back!  Our service vendors are organizations in the community who offer services.  They will have information to hand out and a representative to talk with our attendees.


 For our formal part of the event, this year we hope to get a keynote speaker, or may stick to our panel presentation.  It's still up in the air, negotiating with a potential keynote speaker.  Whichever we choose, the speaker(s) will talk about the effects of stress and how to manage it in a health way.


We are beginning to seek nominations for the annual Voice of Recovery Award.  If you know someone who makes a difference in the mental health community, please be sure to nominate them.


TalkToUs@pwc-mhae.org or Online Nomination

November 3, 2015


If you missed the program at the 2015 Mental Health Awareness Event, click here for the video!

July 1,2015


After much discussion, The 2015 Mental Health Awareness Event Committee has settled on a theme for this year's event. This year is particularly special, as it is our 10th year of holding the Event.


The theme is...Celebrate: Finding Your Purpose!


The committee discussed the fact that a person does not have to receive a paycheck to have purpose.


Although the wording of the Event is 'finding' your purpose, the fact is that each of us has a purpose. It's already there. Some people don't recognize that this is real for themselves. This year's programming for the Event will hopefully help members of the audience to come closer to thinking about their own purpose, while listening to stories of purpose from others.


More programming to come.

The Very First Blog Post of the Mental Health Awareness Event Planners!


April 15, 2015

What's going on with Prince William County, (Virginia's) Mental Health Awareness Event? This is a place where we will be posting updates about the very thoughtful  planning that goes into this fabulous special Event.


You may be wondering what the Prince William County Mental Health Awareness Event is. Over the years the Mental Health Awareness has become a real celebration of life and recovery from mental illness.


In the past, we have had such programming as stations with recovery-oriented mini-workshops such as journaling, a jewelry craft station, mindfulness, massage and accupuncture, yoga, and so much more.


Then many of us gather in the auditorium for additional programming. In the past, we have had various speakers, but the most wildly popular was last year's panel of people with lived experience with mental health issues.


The members of the panel talked about their journey in mental health recovery, discussing darker days and then how they individually conquer and triumph on a daily basis. Many people in the audience found that panel to be really inspirational and many audience members really took what they needed from that experience.


We have so much more to come and we are so excited to share with you and get you excited about the event. See you soon!!


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Prince William County's Mental Health Awareness Event mission is to bring together the mental health community with the community at large to educate, inspire and dispel myths about mental illness.

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